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“RMK-ORBITA” company (part of the “RMK MEDIA” Group) is one of the new players in the market of broadband satellite Internet access: “We are the company which provides safe and personified service which exceeds clients’ expectations. We try to do our subscribers’ lives brighter and more interesting”.

“RMK-ORBITA” is young, dynamically developing and familiar to their clients company: “We understand desires and needs of our Subscribers and try to satisfy them completely”.

The distinctive features of the company are: use of modern technologies for providing their clients with services, constant widening of the range of services, attention to the clients’ wishes and needs, open and active policy of communication in the forum. The clients of the company appreciate the most: possibility of getting technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; ability of the company to fix quickly any problems which impede a Subscriber to use company’s services; ability of the company to admit mistakes and fix them fast. Thanks to its well-developed policy, active communication with the Subscribers and striving for growth, the company is highly appreciated by the clients.  The Subscribers of our company recommend us to their relatives and friends with pleasure, create communities, participate in special offers, visit meetings organized by the company. Internet is the technology of future and our company is ready to help everybody to use all the possibilities of the network.  Patience, loyalty, kind and friendly relation to every Subscriber are the features of our company’s workers.

“RMK-ORBITA” company unites satellite premium-grade providers which render communication services in the whole territory of Russia and CIS. Sales and promotion of services are carried out by “RMK-ORBIT” trade name. There are various companies groups – the clients of different range among our Subscribers: from big Russian corporations to small and medium-sized businesses, and also private users.

According to November 2012 data, more than 3 thousand subscriber satellite terminals are operated and there are more than 100 licensed centers of the partner-companies in the territory of RF.

Directions of activities. A united provider “RMK-ORBITA” company provides the services of broadband Internet access, incorporate telephony, provides corporate networks for data transfer, telemetry, videoconferencing, circular information broadcast (multicasting) and business-TV, organizes network on the basis of mobile complexes, renders services of main channels reservation and organization of detached (backbone) satellite channels, give teleports resources for rent.

Technologies and equipment. “RMK-ORBITA” company has its own services for providing its subscribers with satellite and mobile Internet access, for organization of satellite online broadcasting and collective access to satellite Internet. The company uses its own industrial solutions for subscribers’ servicing: billing, CRM-system, shaper (software for satellite channel balancing), traffic compressor, clients’ software. The equipment line includes satellite platforms of the biggest world manufacturers: HughesNet and НХ (Hughes Network Systems, LLC (Hughes)) and LinkStar (ViaSat Inc.). The network has five operation centers (Network Operation Center) in Moscow and Vladivostok, and also its own access points. Network overall service capacity exceeds 150 Mbps.

“RMK-ORBITA” is your reliable partner in the market of satellite communication services!