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“Russkaya Mediakompaniya” is a new independent company in Russia, called for help in social problems like promotion and preservation of cultural values, establishing effective communication between authorities, business and society, education and enlightenment of youth.

“Russkaya Mediakompaniya” is one of the Russian companies with a leading position in cultural-entertainment media. It works with youth and premium audiences as well. The key factors of success are good positions in the media market, excellent management of assets and realizing of responsibility to shareholders, the state and private sector, and fast developing Digital market.

The company management is closely watching over all the changes in the media market both in Russia and abroad, which helps to correct all the business fields in proper time.

Currently the company is working on digital-projects involving young but already successful projects from the thematic portals’ segments, mobile applications, online video, advertising services, and e-commerce.

The Administration of “Russkaya Mediakompaniya” views the mission in combination of successful Western management models, in creating professional and efficient team, and in the tremendous potential of the Russian Digital market growth.

To achieve these goals we involve not only domestic experts who know well the specifics of the Russian market, but also international experts with experience in managing the leading digital-projects and technological developments.

Corporate Responsibility. “Russkaya Mediakompaniya” recognizes the responsibility to shareholders, partners and society. The Company guarantees to comply with all the principles of corporate responsibility: to use the traditions based on the best examples in dealing with partners and general public, to provide indispensable working conditions based on functional standards, to interact with government and regulatory authorities.

Staff.  Recognizing the importance of teamwork, we uphold the principles of respect for the individual. We create a system based on the integration and cooperation of like-minded people. “Russkaya Mediakompaniya” encourages the atmosphere of mutual respect, interest, and recognition.

Authorities. The company staff adheres to the principle of good corporate management and recognizes the responsibility to the state and private sector, agencies and companies. “Russkaya Mediakompaniya” is going to promote ethical principles in all of its activities, maintaining proper impartiality in broadcasting.

Labor protection. “Russkaya Mediakompaniya” ensures good working conditions aimed at protection of health and safety for all the employees.