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RUSSKAYA MEDIAKOMPANIYA” is one of the newest Russian companies working in the field of digital technologies and specializing in the fields of telecommunications, mass-media, internet and it-technologies. Cultural and entertaining media assets aim at youth and premium audience.

The main purpose of the “RUSSKAYA MEDIAKOMPANIYA” company is the creation and further development of economically effective assets which are able to take the leading positions in its own market segments.

The Administration of the “RUSSKAYA MEDIAKOMPANIYA” company uses advanced domestic and best foreign management models and technologies, thus developing professional and hard-working team aimed at realization of huge potential Digital market growth potential.

The company management is closely watching over all the changes in the media market both in Russia and abroad, which helps to correct all the business fields in proper time.

Currently the company is working on digital-projects involving young but already successful projects from the thematic portals’ segments, mobile applications, online video, advertising services, and e-commerce.

To achieve these goals we involve not only domestic experts who know well the specifics of the Russian market, but also international experts with experience in managing the leading digital-projects and technological developments.

RUSSKAYA MEDIAKOMPANIYA” is the unity of investment assets, newest managing management models, excellent possibilities of the Russian Digital market, and united team of experts.