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The company’s mission

The Administration of “Russkaya Mediakompaniya” sees the mission of the company in combination of the best Western management models, in creation of professional hard-working team, and also in development of Russian Digital market.

The main task of the company is the development of effective media assets, which take the leading positions in the media market. The company’s aim is to raise influence in the technology field by investing in successful Internet-projects.

The mission of “Russkaya Mediakompaniya” is to find a solution for problems like promotion and preservation of cultural values, establishing effective communication between the authorities, business and society, education and enlightenment of young people.

The mission of “Russkaya Mediakompaniya” is in development of business based on domestic media assets with investments, also with management, strategy and financial assessment.

Its mission is to adopt the best international business practices. The key factors are the good positions in media market, excellent management of assets, and responsibility to shareholders, the state and private sector, and fast developing media market.

The mission of “Russkaya Mediakompaniya” is a clear vision of all the goals and tasks, which are based on the following rules:

  • long term strategic planning;
  • the workers’ professionalism, personal responsibility and willing to achieve the positive result;
  • strong and independent teams, working in each of the assets;
  • honest and open relationship;
  • workers are enthusiastic in business;
  • the usage of the world’s best business practices.