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“RMK Club” – the Club of “Russkaya Mediakompaniya” appeared in Internet in 2012 with very interesting selection of news, event-catalogs and announcement of events.

All this helped “RMK Club” to become popular and to increase club’s community very fast. That’s why all the club’s events turned into active and free communication.

Currently all the “RMK Club” events include the variety of topics. Our mainstreams are artistic culture and creativity, and sports. The particular interests are fashion, modern dances, and extreme sports. All the participants are united by friendly and comfortable atmosphere and pleasant conversations!

We regularly invite for cooperation and run casting of different groups of professionals: directors, script writers, illuminating engineers and designers, hosts, photo and video models, host-interpreters, show models, select models for fashion shows. We do it within the scope of our own Club’s and “Russkaya Mediakompaniya” events and our partner’s interesting programs. Individual approach to every client, professional staff, politeness and efficiency are our everyday companions. We are waiting for you!

Our club meetings have been already divided according to the interests. For instance, some of them go to the dance floor, others gather with the group of hunters and fishermen, the third visit fashion designers competition and discuss the new fashion tendencies, and others go to the club walk to the countryside.

It is easy to decide how to spend your free time, how to meet old or catch up new friends when you are the part of modern club community. Our club combines artistic and friendly atmosphere. Everybody is welcome here without dividing into “our” and “stranger”.

We are already a huge company, but we also invite you to be the part of it! Become our member. You just need to sign up.

Being a full rights member of the Club, you get the privilege and free opportunities: the announcement of all the club’s events, access to the flyer-service with excellent bonus program. The unlimited Club card will provide you with the wide range of opportunities and VIP discounts in the club and partner-companies programs.

The “RMK Club” website is the recognized source of media-information! The Club is always working on self-perfection, implementation of new services and opportunities. We are always in the progress and our today’s success is not the limit for us!

We are always happy when new people start participating in our resource; we appreciate it and are proud of our growing audience.

Join us! You will be satisfied! We will never disappoint you!